Association for Roman Archaeology
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The Association for Roman Archaeology uses its membership income to promote the following objectives:

- To spread knowledge of Roman civilisation.
- Research on Roman sites in the U.K.
- Preserve our Roman antiquities.
- Present Roman sites and collections.
- Publish findings from all our active archaeological archives.

Our principal objective is to promote the advancement of the education of the public in the history and archaeology of the Roman period.

The Association was founded formally in 1995 and now has a membership of over 1500 in the UK and worldwide.

Many members are professional archaeologists, others amateurs or individuals who are simply interested in our Roman heritage.

The Director Bryn Walters, an ARA founder, is responsible for the day to day activities of the Association. The prominent British archaeologist Dr Graham Webster (another founder) was President of the ARA, until his untimely death in 2001. Currently our Honorary President is the eminent scholar Professor John Wilkes.

The Association is administered by a Board of eight Honorary Trustees that meet at least six times a year. Officers and Trustees are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting, which normally takes place in November at the British Museum in London. They serve for a period of two years and are eligible for election for further terms.

The ARA publishes three colour magazines a year, the ARA News twice yearly with information on activities and events and members contributions, and the more academic Bulletin of the Association for Roman Archaeology. Members receive these free.

The association arranges tours and excursions to sites in Britain and abroad. The Annual Dinner is held at a significant Roman site in Britain, such as Chichester or Fishbourne Palace.

There is active research support to Roman Excavation projects and publications through the Graham Webster Research Fund , which is administered by the ARA.