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Forthcoming events in 2021

We are running a programme of monthly talks by Zoom. Forthcoming talks are listed below: unless otherwise noted, the talks will last about an hour, including time for questions. You will need to register for each talk separately in advance, by clicking on the link for that talk. Please note that the talks will not be available for replay later.

All talks are free to attend and are available to members and to non-members. You may pass on details of these talks to anyone and they can register using the links provided, or you can use the social media buttons on the registration pages in order to share the links to register. Although the talks are free, the ARA does incur substantial costs to run this programme, and we would welcome any donations. Please click on this link to see details of how to make a donation. Non-members who are interested in joining the ARA can click the Membership link at the left to see the benefits of membership, and then click the Subscribe link to download a membership application form.

Thursday 21st October at 18:30. Andrew Birley, CEO and Director of Excavation at the Vindolanda Trust, will speak on 'Vindolanda and the Frontier in Transition'. Register via Zoom here

Thursday 18th November at 18:30. Mike Stone will speak on 'Life, Death and the Excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum'. Register via Zoom here

Thursday 16th December at 18:00 (provisional date). Sam Moorhead will give a seasonal talk on 'Io Saturnalia'. This talk is likely to be given in connection with our AGM. Details of our AGM will be published shortly on the 'AGM' page - see the panel at the left.

UK and Overseas Events

All of the overseas study tours that were postponed from 2020 due to the pandemic have been further postponed to 2022.

Our second study tour of 2021 will be to Richborough and Reculver in Kent, coinciding with excavations of the amphitheatre at Richborough. It will take place on 20th October and will be a single-day, self-driving tour. Details of the tour and instructions on how to book places can be downloaded here. These details have been emailed to all members for whom we have an email address. Similar details, but describing a postal booking process, were posted on 4th October to the small number of members who completed and returned the 'expression of interest' form (included with ARA News 45) to request information by post.

Past Events in 2021

The 2019-20 Annual General Meeting would normally have taken place in November 2020 at the British Museum, followed by a symposium held jointly with the Roman Society. The Covid-19 pandemic caused the AGM to be postponed to 20th March 2021, and it was held online. One hundred and fifteen members attended in addition to all of the trustees and the AGM was followed by a talk from Sam Moorhead on 'Carausius, Allectus and the First Brexit'.

The following online talks have taken place:

15th April: ARA's President, Professor Tony King spoke about 'Two Romano-Celtic temples in southern Britain: Hayling Island and Meonstoke'.

15th May: the much-delayed symposium was held that would usually have been associated with the AGM in November. The subject was New Research on Nero and it was held jointly with the Roman Society and kindly hosted by the British Museum in connection with the exhibition 'Nero: the Man behind the Myth' which opened on 27th May. The speakers were:

-Andrew Burnett, former Deputy Director of the British Museum: 'Augustus and Nero: two emperors who tried to reform the coinage'

-Susie White, Finds Liaison Officer for North Wales, Portable Antiquities Scheme: 'The Rossett Lead Pig and the Governor Trebellius Maximus'

-Ross Thomas, British Museum: 'Gems, 'fakes' and Nero'

-Carey Fleiner, University of Winchester: 'Claudia Octavia, Step-sister and Wife to Emperor Nero: Images and Imagination'

Thursday 10th June: Mike Stone spoke about 'Architectural Marvels of Ancient Rome'.

Wednesday 14th July: Sam Moorhead spoke on 'Why the Romans Needed Britain'.

Thursday 19th August: Mike Stone spoke on 'Roman Trade and Industry in North Wiltshire'.

Thursday 16th September. Professor Tony King spoke about 'Roman villas in Italy from Imperial palace to humble farm'.

Wednesday 22nd September. An additional talk was arranged in connection with our study tour to Binchester and Piercebridge. Professor Hella Eckardt and Philippa Walton gave a talk 'Bridge Over Troubled Water: The Roman Finds From The River Tees At Piercebridge In Context'. Their book with the same title has just been published. It is available from Oxbow Books here, or as an Open Access PDF download from here. A recording of the talk is available to members on request: for a link to the recording, please email with your name and membership number.

Study Tours

The first study tour of 2021 took place on 30th September: twenty-six members visited Binchester and Piercebridge led by David Mason, principal archaeologist at Durham County Council.

A summary of events held in previous years is shown below as an aide-memoire for members and so that prospective members can see some of the other benefits of membership in addition to the publications and the free/reduced entrance charges at partner sites.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to hold the following events: One-day self-driving study tour to Binchester and Piercebridge

A guided visit to the excavations at Silchester, followed by the annual dinner, and the next day by a tour of Reading Museum

A long weekend study-tour of sites in Kent

A long weekend study-tour of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece (postponed to 2022)

A long autumn study-tour of Umbria and Tuscany (postponed to 2022)

We provided links to some talks provided by the Colchester Archaeological Trust, which we support.

The 2020 ARA AGM would normally have been held in November at the British Museum, followed by a symposium in association with the Roman Society. The AGM was postponed to March 2021 and held online; see 2021’s schedule above

28 April: Sanctuary of the Healing Dogs: self-drive visit to the Roman temple at Lydney, Gloucestershire

1-12 May: long summer study tour to Athens, Delphi and the Peloponnese

2 July: self-drive visit to Silchester, Hamshire: the second annual visit to the excavations of the monumental public baths at Silchester (Calleva Atrebatum)

3 August: self-drive visit to Verulamium and St Albans, Hertforshire

7 September: lecture and visit to the Last Supper In Pompeii exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

16 November morning: ARA AGM at the British Museum, London. Afternoon: Symposium (in collaboration with the Roman Society): Roman Temples in Britain and Gaul - recent discoveries and interpretations


5 May & 26 May: Self-drive, walking tour of Roman London

21-22 July: Annual Dinner based in Cirencester, followed by visits to the Corinium museum, sites in Cirencester and the archaeological stores at Northleach

9-12 July: short summer study tour to Portugal (Coimbra, Conimbriga, Villa Santiago da Guarda, Villa Cardillio and Lisbon Archaeological Museum). 15 July: Self-drive study day at Silchester: a visit to the re-excavation of the Roman bath house at Silchester

1-10 October: long study tour to Roman north Italy (Via Brisa, San Lorenzo alle Colonne, Brescia; Sirmione, Verona, Trieste, Aquileia and Venice)

17 November morning: ARA AGM at the British Museum, London. Afternoon: joint Symposium with the Roman Society. British Museum, London

18 March: Romans in the Borough of Swindon Day School organised by the Wiltshire Victoria County History and sponsored by ARA

16 December morning: ARA AGM at the British Museum. Afternoon: Symposium on Trajan (in collaboration with the Roman Society)


2 July: Storms, War and Shipwreck: Treasures from the Sicilian Seas. Lecture and visit to the exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

30 & 31 July: Annual Dinner Weekend. Lecture and visit to the Castle Museum and walking tour of Roman Colchester.

12 - 15 August: Long weekend summer tour: Hadrian's Wall revisited (Carvoran Roman Army Museum, Vindolanda excavations, Temple of Mithras nr Carrawburgh Fort, Housesteads Roman fort, Hexham Abbey, Corbridge, Arbeia fort, Great North Museum)

4 - 13 October Celts, Greeks and Romans study tour to the South of France (part I)

5 November morning: ARA AGM at the British Museum. Afternoon: symposium (in collaboration with the Roman Society): Endangered Roman archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa

12 November: Self-drive study tour to the Roman Baths and Roman Bath


24th to 27th July: UK Study Weekend, in Exeter
15th/16th August: Annual Dinner, in Durham
30th August: Druce Farm Villa
3rd October: London's Big Dig, a half day walking tour
5th October to 16th October: Rome Study Tour
7th November: AGM, at the British Museum.


17th May: Self-drive visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace
26th April: Bignor Roman Villa and Arundel Castle
12-13th July: Annual Dinner Weekend, Carlisle. Maryport Roman Temples Excavations and Senhouse Roman Museum
15-18th August: Long weekend summer tour. The Corieltauvi and the Romans in Lincolnshire.
30th August: Self-drive visit to Piddington Roman Villa Excavations and Museum.
14th September: Self-drive visit to Rockbourne Roman villa and new Wessex Galleries, Salisbury Museum.
10-19th October: Roman Southern Spain Study Tour1st November - Annual General Meeting & Symposium


27th April: Bradford-on-Avon, 'Roman Wiltshire Day' Victoria County Histories of England, a fundraising day as 'Roman Wiltshire', done in conjunction with the ARA
29th June: Self-drive tour to Gloucester City Museum and Chedworth Roman Villa
6th July: Telford / Wroxeter Annual Dinner Weekend
9-12th August: Summer Long Weekend Tour to the Portsmouth and Chichester area; including Butser, Worthing Museum, Bignor and Fishbourne
25th August: Self-drive tour to Ashstead in Surrey to the tile production site excavations
12-26th October: 9 day study tour to the Bay of Naples area
2nd November: Annual General Meeting and Symposium, the British Museum

3rd November: Annual General Meeting and Symposium, the British Museum


10-11th June: Annual Dinner Weekend: The Museums of Cambridge
22nd-25th July: Long Weekend Summer Tour: Roman North Wales
7th August: Self Drive Day Tour: Folkstone Excavation
13th August: Self Drive Day Tour: Silchester Excavation
22nd Sept: 2nd Oct - ARA Study Tour to Jordan
26th November: Annual General Meeting and Symposium, The British Museum


19-20th June: Annual Dinner Weekend, Roman Forts of the Saxon Shore in Hampshire
9-12th July: Long Weekend Summer Tour - Forts of the Saxon Shore, Part 2
1st August: Self Drive Day Tour - The Hallaton Treasue and All Saints Church, Brixworth, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire
November: Annual General Meeting, the British Museum


May 16/17th Annual Dinner and Roman Wiltshire, Basingstoke
June 13/14th Roman Villas in Britain Conference, British Museum
August 14/17th Forts of the Saxon Shore, Ashford, Kent
Sept 20th Roman London (Mr M Stone)
November 20/27th Classical and Roman Libya (Mr B Walters)
December 5th Annual General Meeting, The British Museum


1st -9th April: Roman Bulgaria (Prof Andrew Poulter)
25th May: Roman Wales (Caerleon and Caerwent) (Mr B Walters)
25th-28th July: Antonine Wall (Dr N Hodgson)
23rd-24th August: Roman Chester (Deva: Dr T Willmot)
21st Sept: Roman St Albans (Verulamium) (Mr B Walters)
15t Nov: Annual General Meeting The British Museum