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The A.R.A. publish full colour annual Bulletins, and we upload copies here on the website for people to view.

The A.R.A. Bulletins on the website are available in PDF format, please click on a link below and note that larger issues are split into parts, which can each be downloaded.

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ARA Bulletin 2012, Issue 21 Part 1    Part 2    Part 3
Editorial on; the discovery of a hoard on Jersey; the Charioteer of Mozia; the Dancing Satyr of Mazara de Vallo
The most north-westerly Roman villa in Wales: a summary of the discovery and excavation of a late Romano-British villa at Abermagwr, near Aberystwyth: Jeffrey L Davis and Toby G Driver
Septimius Severus: Roman emperor, AD 193-211, an anniversary symposium: Philip Kenrick, Nick Hoddgson, Fraser Hunter, Hafed Walda and Grahame Soffe
A silver serpent finger ring from St George's church, Southwark: Martin Henig and Bruce Watson
New research at Roman Caerleon 2006-2011: survey and excavations in the legionary fortress and Canabae of Isca: Andrew Gardner and Peter Guest
The Antinous Enigma, Part 1: Bryn Walters
Trouble with the foundations: a warning to the archaeological interpreter : Anthony Beeson
A possible Nymphaeum at Truckle Hill, Wiltshire: Phil Andrews
Sacred springs and a pervasive Roman ritual: Eberhard Sauer
Book reviews: Spirits of the Dead, Roman Funerary Commemoration in Western Eurpoe, and AD410 The Year that Shook Rome, and The Romans who Shaped Britain
'Into the burning fiery furnace': Vivian Swan, kilns and pottery in the Roman world: Grahame Soffe

ARA Bulletin 2010/2011, Issue 20 Part 1    Part 2    Part 3
Editorial on the Crosby Garrett Helmet
Discovering a new Roman villa and mosaic at Coberley, Gloucestershire, with Time Team: Anthony Beeson
Further excavations at the Truckle Hill Roman bath-house in 2008 and 2009, an interim note: Phil Andrews
Souvenir or votive? The Ilam Pan: Martin Henig
The reconstruction of Legionary temples at Corbridge: Nick Hodgson
Southwick Villa, Sussex, AD 150: Anthony Beeson
Britannia: the numismatic evidence for its role in the civil wars of AD 68-69: Michael Hammerson and Bruce Watson
Alan McWhirr: Roman Cirencester and a Romano-British industry: Grahame Soffe and Bryn Walters
Poor man's silver? The role of pewter in Roman Britain; a collection in the British Museum: Lindsey Smith
Roman Bulgaria: Grahame Soffe

A.R.A. Bulletin April 2009 Issue 19 Part 1    Part 2
An elaborate Roman sculptural facade at Caerwent: Anthony Beeson
A detached Roman bathhouse at Truckle Hill, Wiltshire: Phil Andrews
Bill Putnam (1930-2008): obituary: Grahame Soffe
A coin-ring from Chirton, Wiltshire: Paul Robinson
Big Wishes from small presents: the true value of miniature votive offerings: Philip Kiernan
The Roman Furnace Project: an archaeological experiment in building and firing Roman glassmaking furnaces: Mark Taylor and David Hill
Whitley Castle, Northumberland: Dave Went
A geophysical survey of the Truckle Hill Roman villa, Wiltshire: David J Sabin and Kerry T Donaldson

A.R.A. Bulletin December 2007 Issue 18 Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4
The Chester Amphitheatre Project: Tony Wilmott
Tessa Verney Wheeler, Archaeologist: an introductory note: Lydia Carter
Statuettes and figurines in Roman Britain: Martin Henig
Grace Simpson (1920-2007) obituary: Joanna Bird
The Roman bridge at Corbridge: Paul Bidwell
Aileen Fox and her contribution to Romano-British archaeology: Grahame Soffe
Recent excavations in Roman Leicester: Richard Buckley, Tim Higgins, Jon Coward, John Tate, Anthony Gnanaratnam and Roger Kipling

A.R.A. Bulletin October 2006 Issue 17 Part 1    Part 2    Part 3
Professor Peter Brown: Hon. D. Litt award: Martin Henig
Professor Barry Cunliffe: Knight Bachelor award: Grahame Soffe
A Millennium excavation at Carlisle: a Roman fort revealed: David Evans
New discoveries and further work at Pillerton Priors Roman villa, Warwickshire: David J Sabin and Kerry T Donaldson
The Kettlebaston cameo ring: Martin Henig and Judith Plouviez
A Roman circus at Colchester: Bryn Walters
Evidence for iconoclasm at Chester? Cheryl Clay
Maiden Castle: the casual dead or battle victims? Christopher Sparey-Green
Brading villa: a phoenix rises in the land of the Vectis: David Tomalin
Alchester: Vespasian's base discovered? Eberhard Sauer
Brian Hartley (1929-2005): obituary: Grahame Soffe
New mosaic discoveries in the South-West: Anthony Beeson
Constantine the Great at York: Grahame Soffe

A.R.A. Bulletin March 2004 Issue 16
The Venus of Dubris: an exceptional piece of sculpture from Roman Dover: Anthony Beeson
Engraved gemstones in Roman Britain: Part 2, Cameos: Martin Henig
The Roman villa at Bradford-on-Avon: investigations at St. Laurence School: Mark Corney
New villa discoveries in South Gloucestershire: Bryn Walters

A.R.A. Bulletin August 2003 Issue 15
Engraved gemstones in Roman Britain; Part 1 Intaglios: Martin Henig
The Keynsham Eagles: Martin Henig
The Keynsham Eagles; Anthony Beeson Replies
The rediscovery of the Roman Temple at Millington, East Yorkshire: Peter Halkon, Henry Chapman, Helen Fenwick, Jeremy Taylor and Helen Woodhouse
A tale of Two Villas, Beddington and Barcombe: David Rudling
Roman London's Water Supply: Ian Blair and Dan Swift
The International Roman Archaeology Conference 2003: Grahame Soffe
ARA award for Bradford-on-Avon Roman Villa: Grahame Soffe

A.R.A. Bulletin March 2003 Issue 14 Part 1    Part 2
Roman Villa and Mosaic at Pillerton Priors, Warwickshire: David Sabin
A note on The Heirs of King Verica, Kent: Grahame Soffe
Minster Roman Villa, Kent: David Perkins
From Petra to Keynsham; a Romano-British sculpture: Anthony Beeson
Antiquities and Roman Religion: the British Evidence (Part 2): Martin Henig
Driving on the correct side of the road: Anthony Beeson
ARA events in 2002
Shadwell Baths Complex; late Roman London: Bryn Walters
London's Archaeological Experiment: Jenny Hall
Further thoughts on the Tockenham Roman Villa, Wiltshire: Bryn Walters
A new inscription from Roman London: Grahame Soffe

A.R.A. Bulletin August 2002 Issue 13
Alchester and the earliest tree-ring dates from Roman Britain: Eberhard Sauer
New Light on the Roman Villa at Thruxton: Grahame Soffe and Martin Henig
The Unknown Deity on the Compton Dando Corner Stone: Anthony Beeson
Antiquities and Roman Religion: the British Evidence (Part 1): Martin Henig
Taking Action in Roman Yorkshire: Bryn Walters
An experiment in the manufacture of Roman window glass: Mark Taylor and David Hill

A.R.A. Bulletin March 2002 Issue 12 Part 1    Part 2
Graham Webster, Archaeologist: Martin Henig and Grahame Soffe
Graham Webster, in Appreciation: Tim Strickland
Graham Webster, at Chester: Kenneth Barton
Under Graham's Trowel at Barnsley Park: Lance Smith
Graham Webster, and Cirencester: David Viner
Graham Webster: Small finds and pottery: Maggi Darling
Graham Webster: Hadrian's Wall and the Roman Army: Brian Dobson
Graham Webster, a personal view: Beth Bishop
ARA events in 2001
Graham and the Exploration of Wroxeter: Roger White
Lady Godiva and a Celtic Festival: Graham Webster

A.R.A. Bulletin August 2001 Issue 11
Graham Webster: obituary
Roman Mosaics: an overview: Roger Ling
The Corpus of Romano-British Mosaics: SR Cosh and DS Neal
News: two new mosaic discoveries: Dorchester, Dorset; D Ashford and A. Beeson: Langstone, Wales; B. Walters and KJ Langford
On Finding a Roman mosaic: Bryn walters
Romano-British Mosaics and Romano-Celtic Religion: Martin Henig
The animals on the Orpheus Mosaic from Withington, Gloucestershire: Patricia Witts
Keynsham's Roman art treasures go on display: Anthony Beeson
Book Reviews

A.R.A. Bulletin February 2001 Issue 10
Thomas Fredrick Colston Blagg (1942-2000): Grahame Soffe, Martin Henig and Anthony King
Colchester: Roman Garden Pool Indentified: Philip Crummy
The Chesterton Project: Bryn Walters
The Newton-St-Loe Orpheus Mosaic takes shape: Anthony Beeson
Excavations at Plantation Place, London: Trevor Brigham (MoLAS)
New work and displays along the Hadrianic Frontier: Bryn Walters
A Relief of Jupiter from Bath: a new interpretation: Anthony Beeson
ARA events in 2000

A.R.A. Bulletin Summer 2000 Issue 9
The Roman Invasion of Britain in AD 43: Grahame Soffe
Timothy Potter (1944-2000); A personal appreciation: Anthony King and Grahame Soffe
Ground Penetrating Radar at Gosbecks Archaeological Park: Philip Crummy
Verulamium: celebration and cause for concern: Martin Henig
Julie Hursts' Stained Glass Panel
Chedworth: Roman Villa or Scantuary? A reinterpretation of a well known site: Bryn Walters
More mosaics temporarily uncovered at Chedworth: Anthony Beeson
Excavation of the Courtyard Garden at Chedworth: Anthony Beeson
Durnovaria, Dorchester: A lost opportunity?: Christopher Sparey-Green
Book Reviews

A.R.A. Bulletin Autumn 1999 Issue 8
Obituary of Gerald Brodribb MA, PhD, FSA (1915-1999)
Abbey Farm excavation: phase three: David Perkins
Fourth century mosaic in danger at Bignor: Anthony Beeson
Recent work on the Newton St Loe Orpheus mosaic: Anthony Beeson
Segedunum Roman fort and museum: Tyne and Wear museums
Roman marble and bronze sculpture in the kingdom of Togidubnus: Grahame Soffe and Martin Henig
Roman Bath excursion: Bryn Walters
Roman fort at Syndale, near Faversham, Kent: Paul Wilkinson
Arbeia Roman fort and museum: Tyne and Wear museums
ARA excursion events: Grahame Soffe

A.R.A. Bulletin Spring/Summer 1999 Issue 7
Book review
Alchester, Oxfordshire 1998: new fieldwork: Eberhard Sauer
The Roman sarcophagus from Spitalfields, London: Jenny Hall
Hayling Island: a Gallo-Roman temple in Britain: Anthony King and Grahame Soffe
A new hypocaust for the millenium: Dr. Peter J Reynolds
A new interpretation of a relief sculpture from Birdoswald: Anthony Beeson
Mosaic archive installed in London: Patricia Witts
The third international Roman archaeology conference: Grahame Soffe

A.R.A. Bulletin Autumn 1998 Issue 6
Roman villas in the Algarve: Anthony Stansfield
Virtual Mithraeum
Turkdean Time Team Excavation: Costwold Archaeological Trust
Huge Roman quarry found in north Wiltshire: Bryn Walters
The coloniae of Britannia: Ross Mitchell
The Stonesfield mosaic embroidery appeal: Carol Anderson
Book reviews
ARA excursion events: Grahame Soffe

A.R.A. Bulletin Spring 1998 Issue 5
Monumental foundation discovered in Bath
Salinae: recent finds increase knowledge of salt production site: Jane Weir
Tullie House Museum
The Weir Gardens, Swainshill, Hereford: Graeme Walker
A lost grand staircase at Fishbourne: Anthony Beeson Swindon site is not a villa: Bryn Walters
The Roman army in Oxfordshire: Alchester parade ground: Eberhard Sauer and Simon Crutchley
Spotlight on St Albans: David Thorold
Abbey Farm Roman villa: David Perkins

A.R.A. Bulletin Autumn 1997 Issue 4 Part 1    Part 2
The second international Roman archaeology conference: Grahame Soffe
Operation DART '97: Swindon's 'Time team' locate a roman temple?: Bryn Walters
Black Carts: research and management on Hadrian's Wall: Tony Wilmott
Roman news update
Britannia: the maritime links, conference review: Bryn Walters
Roman wall conserved at Caerwent: Karl James Langford
Villa group discovered in Kent: Paul Wilkinson
ARA excursion events: Grahame Soffe
Swindon villa update

A.R.A. Bulletin Spring 1997 Issue 3
The Cramond Lioness: Fraser Hunter and Mark Collard
The Newton St Loe Orpheus rises: Anthony Beeson
The discovery of unidentified Roman circular buildings: Bob Chard
Longinus restored, Colchester: Philip Crummy
The Segedunum Project: Paul Bidwell
Stanway, Colchester: an update: Philip Crummy
Tideway Timebusters: Newhaven pupils on Hadrian's Wall: Jim Fanning
Ribchester fort and museum: Ross and Rhoda Mitchell

A.R.A. Bulletin Autumn 1996 Issue 2
New Roman gallery opens at Devizes
The most northery amphitheatre in the Roman empire located
The temple tombs of Imbriogon: Anthony Beeson
Whitley Grange villa: Dr. Roger White
Enigma Delenda Est: Roman Ireland: Tom Condit
A new campaign of excavations at Fishbourne: John Manley and David Rudkin
Fire damage in Roman buildings: Michael J Astill
New discoveries from the air over Norfolk
The Dart Project 1996: Bryn Walters
Roman gaming board, Stanway, Colchester: Philip Crummy
The Antonine Wall and Roman Scotland study tour: Grahame Soffe

A.R.A. Bulletin Spring 1996 Issue 1
News from Bath
Dorchester update
Recent discoveries concerning the 1827 mosaic from Wroxeter
The opening of Gosbecks Archaeological Park: Philip Crummy
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  ARA members on tour visiting the excavations at Vindolanda. Photo J. Partridge.